Nick Noble: You Don't Know What Love Is

Nick Noble: You Don&
Title: You Don't Know What Love Is
Label: Jasmine

EU-only collection. Please step forward Nick Noble it is your turn in the Jasmine spotlight. Featured here are no fewer than 19 hit singles and the full 12 tracks from the album You Don't Know What Love Is, which Nick recorded back in 1956. Hits include “The Bible Tells Me So”, “To You My Love”, “A Fallen Star”, “Moonlight Swim” and many more.

1.1 The Bible Tells Me So
1.2 Army of the Lord
1.3 Lovely Lies
1.4 Bella Bella Perzicella
1.5 To You My Love
1.6 A Fallen Star
1.7 Moonlight Swim
1.8 A Lucky Silver Dollar
1.9 My Darling's Earrings
1.10 How Much Can a Heart Take?
1.11 The Tip of My Fingers
1.12 Sweet Love
1.13 Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)
1.14 Island Farewell
1.15 A Legend in My Time
1.16 The Star You Wished Upon Last Night
1.17 Keeping Cool with Lemonade
1.18 The Big Big Ladder
1.19 Lemons and Cloves
1.20 You Don't Know What Love Is
1.21 I'm Through with Love
1.22 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
1.23 Body and Soul
1.24 Purple Shades
1.25 The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
1.26 Just One More Chance
1.27 A Cottage for Sale
1.28 Time Was
1.29 Outside of Heaven
1.30 I Don't Want to Walk Without You
1.31 Auf Wiedersehen My Dear

Nick Noble: You Don't Know What Love Is

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