Nick Prizu

Nick Prizu: Nick Prizu

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nick Prizu

Title: Nick Prizu
Label: Mono-Tone Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Like illegitimate sons of the Panther Burns and the Del Monas, sounding like the infamous Blousons Noirs (France's Hasil Adkins or the Shaggs) produced by a drugged Alex Chilton in his Like Flies era (1979). One foot in the (late) '50s and the other in the (early) '60s and certainly none in the '90s, these tapes were recorded in a single wild, loose, and drunken session. 25 years later, the world at last can hear Nick Prizu in all it's blazing glory and rock n' roll savagery. The perfect music for an old John Waters movie, the immaculate soundtrack of a flaming life. First time on vinyl.

1.1 King of the Surf Guitar
1.2 The Bug
1.3 I Can't Help It
1.4 Ciao Ciao Amore
1.5 I'm Sticking with You
1.6 Poison Ivy
1.7 That's All
1.8 Mama Didn't Lie
1.9 Stupid Cupid
1.10 Rock 'N' Roll Tango
1.11 Action
1.12 Blue Velvet
1.13 My Love for You Is Petrified

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