Night Viper

Night Viper: Exterminator

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Artist: Night Viper

Artist: Night Viper
Title: Exterminator

2018 release from the Swedish thrash metal band. Night Viper is gloriously churning out a unique blend of incisive thrash riffage through catchy hooks and stunning melodic vocals. For old school aficionados, the whole listening experience is not remote from Kill 'Em All-era Metallica and punching '80s heavy metal in terms of musical arrangements and attitude. Head banging is mandatory and it's a ripper.

1.1 No Escape
1.2 Summon the Dead
1.3 Never Win
1.4 Exterminator
1.5 On the Run
1.6 Ashes
1.7 Going Down
1.8 Lady Bad Luck
1.9 Revenge
1.10 All That Remains

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