Nightland: Great Nothing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nightland

Title: Great Nothing
Label: Scarlet Records

'The Great Nothing' will lead the listener through an outstanding extreme metal experience made of dramatic, blasting riffs and dreamy atmospheres enriched by massive orchestral arrangements. Growling vocals and powerful choirs magnify the obscure and thrilling lyrical concept behind the album, making this amazing journey across the darkest deepness of the universe even more unique and sensational

1.1 The Conjunction of Benetnash
1.2 For Once My Name
1.3 Shade of a Lowering Star
1.4 Further
1.5 101 Megaparsecs
1.6 The Great Nothing, Pt. 1: Of Seeking and Straying
1.7 The Great Nothing, Pt. 2: The Reliever
1.8 The Great Nothing, Pt. 3: Pursuers of Absolution

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