Nightwish: Angels Fall First

Nightwish: Angels Fall First
Title: Angels Fall First
Label: Fontana Universal

2007 digitally remastered UK reissue edition with four bonus tracks. The Finnish symphonic metal band's auspicious debut album comes with four pieces that didn't appear on the original issue: 'A Return to the Sea', 'Nightwish', 'The Forever Moments' and a re-recorded version of 'Etiainen'. The package includes an extensive booklet with new sleeve notes, photos and details about the band. Spinefarm.

1.1 Elvenpath
1.2 Beauty and the Beast
1.3 The Carpenter
1.4 Astral Romance
1.5 Angels Fall First
1.6 Tutankhamen
1.7 Nymphomaniac Fantasia
1.8 Know Why the Nightingale Sings
1.9 Lappi PT I Eramaajarvi
1.10 Lappi PT II Witchdrums
1.11 Lappi PT III This Moment Is Eternity
1.12 Lappi PT IV Etiainen
1.13 Return to the Sea
1.14 Nightwish
1.15 The Forever Moments
1.16 Etiainen (Re-Recorded Version)
1.17 [Untitled]
1.18 [Untitled]
1.19 [Untitled]

Nightwish: Angels Fall First

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