Nihill: Verderf

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Artist: Nihill

Artist: Nihill
Title: Verderf
Product Type: VINYL LP

Nihill shares members with Terzij de Horde, Dodecahedron, and Anaphylactic Shock; these three bands are certainly well-versed in extremity, but Nihill is on a whole 'nother level. Their harrowing blend of black metal, noise, drone, and martial industrial screams with feedback and howls mockery at the cross. The dissonant, hyper-complex compositions they create are suffocating, abrasive, and almost overwhelmingly intense. They hammer down any semblance of melody or atmosphere, preferring to sow pure chaos and discord. At times, the songs feel as claustrophobic as the small, smoke-filled rooms Nihilll uses for it's rare live rituals.

1.1 Ghoul 2:52
1.2 Carrion Eaters 5:12
1.3 Kolos 8:35
2.1 Wielding The Scythe 5:41
2.2 Spirituum 7:40
3.1 Morbus 6:41
3.2 Engorged 10:41
4.1 Ossarium 7:19

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