Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen: Nina Hagen Band

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nina Hagen

Title: Nina Hagen Band
Label: Sony Import

Born in East Germany, Nina Hagen had already gained a reputation as a flamboyant rock singer by the time she emigrated to the West in 1976, where she formed a band, signed to CBS Germany, and released their debut album, Nina Hagen Band, in 1978. Includes the songs 'Unbeschreiblich', 'Tv-glotzer (White Punks on Dope)', 'Auf'm Friedhof' and more. Sony.

1.1 Tv-Glotzer (White Punks on Dope)
1.2 Rangehn
1.3 Unbeschreiblich
1.4 Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo
1.5 Naturtrane
1.6 Superboy
1.7 Heiss
1.8 Fisch Im Wasser
1.9 Auf'm Friedhof
1.10 Der Spinner
1.11 Pank

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