Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth

Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth
Title: With Teeth
Label: Island UK

UK digipack version features two bonus tracks, 'Home' (Non-LP Version) & 'Right Where It Belongs' (Alternate Version). Five years is a long time by most people's standards, but when such a period passes between albums by Nine Inch Nails, the turbulent electro-noir behemoth conducted by Trent Reznor, it's par for an increasingly elaborate course. With Teeth follows a period of intense self-investigation, a psychological shelf-clearing. It's an album that startles with it's clarity, with it's renewed vigor. A catalogue of grievances perhaps, like all his records, but possessed with more of a will to fight back than any other Nine Inch Nails release to date. Interscope. 2005.

1.1 All the Love in the World
1.2 You Know What You Are?
1.3 Collector
1.4 Hand That Feeds
1.5 Love Is Not Enough
1.6 Everyday Is Exactly the Same
1.7 With Teeth
1.8 Only
1.9 Getting Smaller
1.10 Sunspots
1.11 Line Begins to Blur
1.12 Beside You in Time
1.13 Right Where It Belongs
1.14 Home
1.15 Right Where It Belongs (Version 2)

Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth

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