Nnamdi: Brat

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nnamdi

Title: Brat
Label: Sooper Records

BRAT is the masterful LP from beloved Chicago multi-instrumentalist NNAMDÏ. It follows his critically acclaimed LP DROOL (2017), an album that brought him to Pitchfork Fest and earned him Best Music of the Year recognition from NPR, FADER, BANDCAMP, and more. On his follow-up BRAT, NNAMDÏ starkly explores the psychological turmoil between Wanting and Needing in a manner that is both intensely personal and highly relatable. It's virtuosic fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Electronics, Gospel, and West African influences firmly establishes him in a genre-less class of his own. NNAMDÏ wrote, produced, and recorded BRAT by himself.

1.1 Flowers to My Demons
1.2 Gimme Gimme
1.3 Bullseye
1.4 Everyone I Loved
1.5 Wasted
1.6 Glass Casket
1.7 Perfect in My Mind
1.8 Semantics
1.9 Price Went Up
1.10 Really Don't
1.11 It's Ok
1.12 Salut

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