Noi!se: Base Rage On The Front Page

Noi!se: Base Rage On The Front Page
Title: Base Rage On The Front Page
Label: Pirates Press Record
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

When a band explains to their designer the deeper meaning behind a song, hoping that they can translate that into a physical product, you never really know what to expect. Wonderful designs and amazing ideas transpire, and when your designer is also Pirates Press, the world's leading vinyl manufacturer, constantly trying to reach new heights with vinyl, this is what you get. This is on one hand a simple 12' one song single. Off the turntable however, this is an interactive piece of art... A 'decoder ring' of a record if you want to call it that. Printed using UV technology on a clear record, this album has four 'lenses'.Looking through those different colored lenses at the printed backing card reveals hidden images, words, and yet even more meaning tied to the words being sung by this incredible band! For Noi!se, another incredible single in a string of many, launching a powerful (multi-dimensional) message the world sorely needs to hear and see! For Pirates, and for vinyl in general, this is truly setting a bar. Universally, this will turn heads, and it is very important that it does. The base rage on the 'front page' is REAL, and DEADLY, and must be identified as such, addressed by the world, and ultimately eliminated.

1.1 Base Rage On The Front Page

Noi!se: Base Rage On The Front Page

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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