Non Canon

Non Canon: Non Canon

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Non Canon

Title: Non Canon
Label: Xtra Mile

Reissue. Self-titled 2016 album by Non Canon, another side of Barry Dolan AKA Oxygen Thief. Non Canon is a new story, but it's a story of it's own, one that we will soon know and love with it's own history, character and setting. Having spent ten years deftly swerving expectation at every measure as Oxygen Thief, Non Canon turns things on their head again. He threads cello where there may have once been feedback, places a third chord where two key changes could have lain, and repeats a chorus line where a scream may have broken the silence instead. He's returned to his acoustic beginning, that's true, but he's torn that up and refused to retain his previous self-taught lessons. Having received support from close friends, his wife and Xtra Mile, he set about recording in February 2016 with some of the songs recorded at home and some in OneCat Studio in Brixton. All the strings, piano and drums were written on an iPad before being sent to musicians to learn and play on recordings. Chris T-T's piano playing stands out on 'Bad Twin', while Ben Marwood and Charlie Barnes (a touring member of Bastille) contributed backing vocals, along with Gareth from My First Tooth playing drums, and the guitarist from Barry's first ever band playing violin and viola. For fans of: Oxygen Thief, Ben Marwood, Chris T-T, The Lion and The Wolf

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