Nordvest: Grondal

$20.62 $23.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nordvest

Title: Grondal
Label: Suction Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Suction Records welcomes Roger Semsroth back to the label - having previously released 2 full-length albums with us under his retired electro-pop alias, Skanfrom. "Grøndal" is the debut vinyl release under a new alias, Nordvest. These days, Semsroth is best-known for his stark and minimalist techno project, Sleeparchive. The material on Grøndal - icy, melodic, and mostly beatless - is comprised of tracks that were originally released digitally as Sleeparchive, via Bandcamp. The releases were met with general disinterest from Sleeparchive fans, prompting Semsroth to re-brand them as Nordvest, before removing them from Bandcamp altogether.

1.1 Rooftops ; Chaotic Streets Five
1.2 Scribbles Nine
1.3 Rooftops ; Chaotic Streets Seven
1.4 Rooftops ; Chaotic Streets Eight
1.5 Rooftops ; Chaotic Streets Four
1.6 Sleepless Six
1.7 Sleepless One
1.8 Scribbles Two
1.9 Sleepless Two
1.10 Rooftops ; Chaotic Streets Six
1.11 Scribbles Seven

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