Northern Cree: True Blue

Northern Cree: True Blue
Title: True Blue
Label: Canyon Records

From the windy plains of Cree country, Grammy-nominated Pow-Wow group Northern Cree churns up the Arizona dust on this exhilarating live recording. Their super-charged singing remains anchored in the bold traditions of their people as this acclaimed group make songs that will be remembered by generations to come.

1.1 Rip It in
1.2 NC Vintage
1.3 Warning
1.4 Big Chill
1.5 Mesmerized
1.6 MNX Style
1.7 Secret Weapons
1.8 Straight and Narrow
1.9 Hooked on Phoenix
1.10 Drummer Manz Rap
1.11 Soul Jam Slide
1.12 Beads of Summer
1.13 Confessions

Northern Cree: True Blue

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