Nq Arbuckle

Nq Arbuckle: X O K

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Artist: Nq Arbuckle

Artist: Nq Arbuckle
Title: X O K

Anyone who has met NQ Arbuckle knows that he wears his heart like a red wet spot on a crisp white shirt. They also know he'll say it's just ketchup. His music, on the other hand, never dismisses lightly, where the greatest moments exist in the smallest of events: A casual glance becomes a confession of love; a glass of beer at the bar can be an act of forgiveness. NQ Arbuckle's clout as a live performer has sent him on the tour of duty to SXSW, the UK, twice to Italy, and more recently, across Europe with Luke Doucet and Justin Rutledge as part of the Triple Barrel Tour.

1.1 My Baby
1.2 Part of a Poem By Alden Nowlan Called Ypres: 1915
1.3 Xok
1.4 Postcard from Princess
1.5 Marco Polo
1.6 I Liked You Right from the Start
1.7 Ontario, Michigan
1.8 Huntsville Affair
1.9 Mincing Words
1.10 Don't Remember Me
1.11 Spooking the Rocking Horse

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