Nrbq: Brass Tacks

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nrbq

Title: Brass Tacks
Label: Clang

BRASS TACKS is simply one of the best ever albums from NRBQ, overflowing with the unmistakable NRBQ sound and spirit, an original mix of pop, rock, jazz, swing, and more, delivered with impeccable musicianship, love, fearlessness, and joy, joy, joy. The new songs are great from start to finish, with 11 originals and a captivating version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's 'Getting to Know You'.

1.1 Waitin' on My Sweetie Pie
1.2 Greetings from Delaware
1.3 Sit in My Lap
1.4 Fightin' Back
1.5 It'll Be Alright
1.6 This Flat Tire
1.7 I'd Like to Know
1.8 Places Far Away
1.9 Can't Wait to Kiss You
1.10 I'm Not Here
1.11 Getting to Know You
1.12 Love This Love We Got

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