Nuclearhammer & Begrime Exemious

Nuclearhammer & Begrime Exemious: Heretical Serpent Cult Split CD

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Nuclearhammer & Begrime Exemious
Title: Heretical Serpent Cult Split CD

Two vicious Canadian bands pair up to bring 12 tracks of unrelenting death metal. Nuclear hammer combines grinding death metal with a vicious approach while Begrime Exemious' style provides more groove-laden tracks. Original cover art by Danille Gauvin (Adversarial, Necrovorous and more)

1.1 Storms of Wrath
1.2 Crypts of Perversity
1.3 Barbwire/Intensifier
1.4 Shotgun Justice (Razor Cover)
1.5 One Foot in the Grave (Slaughter (Canada) Cover)
1.6 A Hell on Earth/Cries for Help) (Discharge Cover)
1.7 Crooked Serpent
1.8 Horns of Baphomet
1.9 Beneath the Cursed Ruins
1.10 The Horny Lord
1.11 Droll Asphyxiation Via Visceral Noose
1.12 Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath Cover)

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