Nuevos Creyentes

Nuevos Creyentes: Sonido Bendito de los Nuevos Creyentes

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Sonido Bendito de los Nuevos Creyentes
Label: Little Butterfly Rec
Product Type: VINYL LP

Little Butterfly Records presents a first physical issue of Los Nuevos Creyentes's El Sonido Bendito de los Nuevos Creyentes (2017). "After the auspicious homonymous EP (2015), with just five songs, Los Nuevos Creyentes released online El Sonido Bendito de los Nuevos Creyentes (2017), their first LP that reflects the band's musical universe. Sometimes, the wavy guitars of Matías Singer and Zelmar Borrás remind one of Television, while Santiago Bogacz's Farfisa (also known for his project Matador) gives a lysergic accent to the rhythm section of drummer Diego Prestes and bassist Rodrigo Gils. The styles that come together in this LP show a band with a certain curiosity to experiment and reflect the influences of bands like The Seeds. Their instrumental songs, like 'Palabra de Un Misionero' or 'Licencia Para Resucitar, bring a sound that rides to the temple, riding to the trance. Aside from the place they give to instrumentals, they have lyrics which have as much of introspection and years of therapy ('la pregunta es la respuesta en sí/the question is the answer itself' in 'Espectro') as redemption, broken hearts and sordid thoughts released on parole. There is also a remarkable fascination with esotericism and the mysteries of invisible worlds: from the band's name (Los Nuevos Creyentes/The New Believers) and the album's title (El Sonido Bendito de los Nuevos Creyentes/The Holy Sound Of Los Nuevos Creyentes) to their attention towards life in outer space. These space cowboys bring a perfect album for a spaghetti western soundtrack, where the awaken outsider arrives to a bar in the middle of the desert, thirsty, asks for hard liquor while he watches the sheriff's wife and lays his gaze at a fixed point, just to hallucinate with new mirages." -Nelson Barceló

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