Numina: Choma Plateau

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Artist: Numina

Artist: Numina
Title: Choma Plateau

Jesse Sola, the sole creative force behind Numina, has been crafting compositions of electronic ambient sound spaces for many years with a substantial number of releases to his credit. Over his extensive career, he has defined his own signature sound working with a wide variety of hardware synthesizers, effects, and modular synthesizers in a custom Eurorack system. The latest in this personal exploration of electronic expression is Numina's debut solo release on Spotted Peccary Music, THE CHROMA PLATEAU. This spacey, ethereal journey is a deep listening experience which delves into synth worlds of vast ambient canvases, unleashing far-away introspective states of mind. Complex synthesized evolutions, wispy bell tone soundscapes, and foundational analog drones converge as one complete presentation, forming ephemeral moments of realization and self actualization. Gentle use of minimal sequences and sparse compositions, The Chroma Plateau allows one to wander to the stars. Song titles like "Intergalactic Traveler", "Where all the Creatures are Dreaming", and "Living in the Clouds" leave the music open to the listener's own perception. Sola says, "I never want to invoke any feeling, emotion, or direction on how my music should or should not be interpreted by the listener. There already is some direction based on the song title itself, but I tend to leave it open for interpretation, or at the very least, nebulous. This music is meant for any occasion one wants it to be for - sleeping, hiking, star-gazing, philosophizing, commuting, etc. - a soundtrack for one's current activity." Indeed, THE CHROMA PLATEAU is an interactive soundtrack that repeatedly evolves as the scenes of our lives transform our relationship with Numina's highly refined, cultivated sonic palette.

1.1 Beaming Up the Fossils
1.2 Bringer of the Beings
1.3 Intergalactic Traveller
1.4 Where All the Creatures Are Dreaming
1.5 Mosaic of Whispers
1.6 When the Sea Disappears from Me
1.7 Sky Descender
1.8 Living in the Clouds
1.9 The Chroma Plateau

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