Nuphar Fey: Serenity Island

Nuphar Fey: Serenity Island
Title: Serenity Island
Label: Hypnote Records

Serenity Island tells a story that spans over a period of 8 years, unfolding the impressions of prominent pianist-composer Nuphar Fey as she travels through countries and deep life changing experiences. Composed during a period of few years while living in several countries in Europe and Israel, the album presents a wide manifold of influences, tastefully combining them to capture a unique musical imprint.

1.1 Wind of South
1.2 In the Fall
1.3 Long Road to Serenity Island
1.4 I Believe in Magic
1.5 Imagination
1.6 Kerem
1.7 Smooth Sailing
1.8 Rainy Mondays
1.9 At Sea
1.10 Dream

Nuphar Fey: Serenity Island

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