Nurses: Apple's Acre

Nurses: Apple&
Title: Apple's Acre
Label: Dead Oceans

Apple's Acre is a record full of dysfunctional, hushed love, laced with elegance and grace and without angst and regret. But the plain courage of their songs is the secret ingredient that's already turning heads and blowing minds all over the Northwest and if you think about it, in pop music, courage is always at a premium. Fans of Yeasayer, Deerhoof, Danielson and wild minded pop music should pay close attention.

1.1 Technicolor
1.2 Mile After Mile
1.3 Caterpillar Playground
1.4 Man at Arms
1.5 Apple's Acre
1.6 Bright Ideas
1.7 What Then
1.8 Winter
1.9 Lita
1.10 Orange Cymbals

Nurses: Apple's Acre

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