Nuts & Co

Nuts & Co: Kangourou

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nuts & Co

Title: Kangourou
Label: Camisole Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

First reissue of this arty synth-pop French gem from Nuts & Co, ephemeral self-produced project. After a short mental trip to Japan, Camisole is back in France with the reissue of Kangourou by Nuts & Co. Inspired by Dadaism, ancient tribes and natural life they self-produced and released this album in 1982. The result is a blend of experimental synth-pop combined with some German spoken word and French madness. For sure 'Semite' with it's shamanic percussions will get your attention but other synth oddities includes 'La Vie des Animaux', 'Auf Dem Lande' and 'Kangourou' too. If you're more into French arty synth-pop 'Dancing','Nuit de Chine' and 'Der Spiegel' will definitely convinced you. Remastered and limited to 300 copies

1.1 Das Trottoir
1.2 Nuts
1.3 Auf Dem Lande
1.4 Semite
1.5 Nuit de Chine
1.6 Kangourou
1.7 La Vie Des Animaux
1.8 Der Spiegel
1.9 Dancing
1.10 Tremens

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