Nxworries / Knxwledge / Paak, Anderson: Yes Lawd!

Nxworries / Knxwledge / Paak, Anderson: Yes Lawd!
Title: Yes Lawd!
Artist: Nxworries / Knxwledge / Paak, Anderson
Label: Stones Throw
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 659457237011
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Yes Lawd! As temping as it may be to just let that exclamation suffice as your sole introduction to NxWorries, we should go a little deeper. The men at the heart of this LP - soul styler Anderson. Paak and loop beast Knxwledge - make an exceedingly clean pair, even as they deal almost entirely in the gritty: vocals that sound lived in for a couple of lifetimes; beats that kick up dust as they bump; and an 18-track set that plays like a mixtape merging skits, songs, and snippets into a package of fluid groove and rough-cut rap 'n' soul gems. You may have heard these two out in the world, on their own or sprinkling some of their musical gold dust on someone else's songs, but this is what happens when. Paak and Knx get home, lay back, light up, and let it go.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Livvin
1.3 WNGS
1.4 Best One
1.5 What More Can I Say
1.6 Kutless
1.7 Lyk Dis
1.8 Can't Stop
1.9 Get Bigger / Do U Luv
1.10 Khadijah
1.11 H.A.N
1.12 Scared Money
1.13 Suede
1.14 Starlite
1.15 Sidepiece
1.16 Jodi
1.17 Link Up
1.18 Another Time
1.19 Fkku

Nxworries / Knxwledge / Paak, Anderson: Yes Lawd!

Product-type:VINYL LP

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