O (Formerly Eskimeaux)

O (Formerly Eskimeaux): Live At Third Man Records

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Title: Live At Third Man Records
Label: Third Man Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

"Ó (formerly Eskimeaux) is the recording project of songwriter and producer Gabrielle Smith. In it's earliest days, the project was markedly experimental, the work of an artist with a knack for ambience and a fascination with sound. The next wave of material, most of what landed on 2011's Two Mountains, didn't quite read as a solo project anymore and represented a shift toward traditional song structures, albeit still happily atmospheric, nature-centered musings on how to find one's place in the world. Their live 7' features two intimate yet momentous songs, 'Alone at the Party' and 'Broken Necks', both from 2015's O.K., the bedroom pop tour de force released on Double Double Whammy Records. 'Broken Necks' is notably arresting as the first 40 seconds is a finger-picked invitation to the audience to join in singing the chorus, only to explode into full band ferocity with Smith's saccharine, solid vocals uniting naturally with her backing band, Oliver Kalb (synthesizer), Felix Walworth (drums), and Jack Greenleaf (bass).

1.1 Alone at the Party - Ó
1.2 Broken Necks - Ó

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