Obijuan: Wilton House

Obijuan: Wilton House
Title: Wilton House
Label: Vinyl Digital
Product Type: VINYL LP

Chill-out rapper Obijuan truly understands how to dive into beats and how to vibe through the dimensions of life, fiction and dreams. Always calm, always skilled, always astonishing. "Wilton House.. The first project I feel truly proud of.. inspired by the visits to the place itself, my brothers and I just hop the gates and roam the wonders of life.. hopefully this record can give other people the same feeling it gives me, because every time I hear it I feel like I'm taking that picture over and over again.." - Obijuan. First Obijuan vinyl release including instrumental versions.

1.1 Sakura // Botanikkal
1.2 Oceanic Soup
1.3 Fort Nassau
1.4 Jonathancreek // Gorgeous Body of Language
1.5 Wilton House - HM Surf;
1.6 Diary
1.7 N I R V a N a
1.8 Sakura // Botanikkal (Instrumental)
1.9 Oceanic Soup (Instrumental)
1.10 Fort Nassau (Instrumental)
1.11 Jonathancreek // Gorgeous Body of Language (Instrumental)
1.12 Wilton House (Instrumental)
1.13 Diary (Instrumental)
1.14 N I R V a N a (Instrumental)

Obijuan: Wilton House

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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