Obtest: Gyvybes Medis

Obtest: Gyvybes Medis
Title: Gyvybes Medis
Label: Osmose

2008 release from the Lithuanian Metal band. Obtest formed in 1992, inspired by the then new and challenging Black Metal explosion, particularly in Scandinavia. Bands like Enslaved, Grand Belial's Key, Mayhem, and Darkthrone had a huge inspirational effect on the youngsters. However, the fascination of the music they have been initially involved into Metal and grown up with [Manowar, AC/DC, Death, Grave] has never faded away, and that's perhaps the explanation of the evolution their music has gone through years. Still, their aim never was, never is and never will be to imitate anyone or copycat something that was already done before. Osmose.

1.1 Apeigos / Rites
1.2 Vedlys / Guide
1.3 Sviesa / the Light
1.4 Gyvybes Medis / Tree of Life
1.5 Sakalo Vaikai / Children of the Ha
1.6 Azuolas / Oak
1.7 Gelezinis Vilkas / the Wolf of Ste
1.8 Tai Ne Pabaiga / This Is Not the E
1.9 Ikaitai / Hostages

Obtest: Gyvybes Medis

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