Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene: Songs for the Front Row: Best of

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Product Type: CD

Title: Songs for the Front Row: Best of
Label: Island UK

This release is a collection of the Midlands indie band's most popular tracks. It covers the period from the release of 'Moseley Shoals' in 1996 up until, and including, the November 2001 single, 'Crazy Lowdown Ways'. The album also includes a version of 'Robin Hood', a popular B-side recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall.

1.1 The Riverboat Song
1.2 The Day We Caught the Train
1.3 One for the Road
1.4 The Circle
1.5 You've Got It Bad
1.6 Hundred Mile High City
1.7 Better Day
1.8 Travellers Tune
1.9 Get Blown Away
1.10 It's a Beautiful Thing
1.11 Profit in Peace
1.12 So Low
1.13 July
1.14 Up on the Downside
1.15 Mechanical Wonder
1.16 Huckleberry Grove
1.17 Robin Hood (Live)
1.18 Crazy Lowdown Ways
2.1 Hundred Mile High City [Live]
2.2 Profit in Peace [Live]
2.3 Riverboat Song [Live]
2.4 I Wanna Stay Alive with You [Live]
2.5 Get Away [Live]

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