Oceanator: Things I Never Said

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Product Type: CD
Release Date: 02/26/2021
Artist: Oceanator

Artist: Oceanator
Title: Things I Never Said

Oceanator's debut full-length, Things I Never Said, sees NYC multi-instrumentalist Elise Okusami hyperbolically equating early adulthood malaise with apocalyptic destruction. The type of anxieties that form when thoughts bottle up and stress gets the best of you. Throughout the record, allusions to intrusive thoughts and depression-induced stasis are weaved in between references to falling skies, rolling fires, and the possibility of the world literally falling apart.However, while Okusami's emotional and physical solitude makes for a resilient foe, Things I Never Said is ultimately a record about finding comfort in the face of destruction, whether it be through appreciating the little things or forming a bond with someone you can mutually confide in about mental afflictions. There's no concrete resolution to the album, but rather a vital reminder that love and friendship, both with others and herself, will always reign victorious in our darkest moments.

1.1 Goodbye, Goodnight
1.2 A Crack in the World
1.3 Hide Away
1.4 January 21st
1.5 Heartbeat
1.6 I Would Find You
1.7 Walk With You
1.8 The Sky is Falling
1.9 Sunshine

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