Octagrape: Major Mayor Maxion Marble

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Artist: Octagrape

Artist: Octagrape
Title: Major Mayor Maxion Marble
Product Type: VINYL LP

Take one-half of Trumans Water mod I (Glen Galloway and Ely Moyal), add Vytear noise-dub head Jason Begin, send them on four quick tours and a trip to Gonerfest, add Alexander Dausche on the most electric bass... and what have you? A unit with road warrior ears, poor bleeding hands, and a strange desire to cover four of the wild jams they treasured the most on those all-night drives through Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

1.1 Syntoptikon (Major Stars)
2.1 Ghost Punch (Mayyors)
2.2 Verfremdungseffekt (Dymaxion)
2.3 Melted Moon (Marble Sheep)

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