Oddisee: Alwasta

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Oddisee

Artist: Oddisee
Title: Alwasta
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Prolific Brooklyn-based underground MC/producer Oddissee is back yet again with a free blessing, the seven-track AlWasta EP, to hold us over until the followup to The Good Fightdrops in May. The EP takes it's title from the Arabic colloquial term that in modern English slang loosely translates to "the plug." The term "wasta" comes from the Arabic word "wasat," meaning "middle" or "middleman," and describes a member of the community who acts as a connector using their wealth of social currency. That is Oddisee to a tee. The Sudanese-American spitter has come correct for years with skillful every-man raps that exude a knowledge far beyond self and are still highly relatable. AlWasta is no-skip music to ride to. It's just smooth beats that will put you in your zone and lyrics that will keep you there, making you think but not necessarily rewind for comprehension. Sample-driven excursions mixed with live instrumentation punctuated by drums with plenty of knock and catchy hooks swirl around penetrating lyrics that switch cadences and speeds. If you want lyrics to come back, you won't be disappointed. Just press play and let it rock.

1.1 Asked About You
1.2 No Reservations
1.3 Strength ; Weakness
1.4 Wouldn't Be Surprised
1.5 Lifting Shadows
1.6 Catching Vibes
1.7 Slow Groove

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