Odetta: Ballads & Blues

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Artist: Odetta

Artist: Odetta
Title: Ballads & Blues

The undisputed Queen of the American folksinger's classic first album that influenced a generation of folk icons from Bob Dylan to Tracy Chapman

1.1 Santy Anno
1.2 If I Had a Ribbon Bow
1.3 Muleskinner Blues
1.4 Another Man Done Gone
1.5 Shame and Scandal
1.6 Jack O' Diamonds
1.7 'Buked and Scorned
1.8 Easy Rider
1.9 Joshua
1.10 Hound Dog
1.11 Glory, Glory
1.12 Alabama Bound
1.13 Been in the Pen
1.14 Deep Blue Sea
1.15 God's Gonna Cut You Down
1.16 Spiritual Trilogy: Oh Freedom / Come and Go with Me / I'm on My Way
1.17 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
1.18 Take This Hammer
1.19 Deep River
1.20 Chilly Winds

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