Ohhms: Bloom

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Artist: Ohhms

Artist: Ohhms
Title: Bloom
Product Type: VINYL LP

The UK based quintet Ohhms (not some joke with Ohm's Law, I suppose) made a very good and creative work on their debut, the two-song EP "Bloom". It's creative, using elements from Progressive Metal, Doom and Noise, they make a form of music extremely difficult to label, but very good to our ears, with abrasive vocals in normal tunes, very good guitar riffs and a rhythmic basis strong and heavy. And this all is used to call our attention to animals' rights and to warn everyone about the dangers about exploration of natural sources of food and energy. But their music is charming a lot! The sound quality is very good, so you'll hear vocals, guitars, bass and drums in separate ways perfectly, with all their arrangements clear to our ears. And their songs demand it to reach their full potential, as we can hear on this EP. They present only two songs, both of them lasting more than ten minutes.

1.1 Bad Seeds 18:00
2.1 Rise Of The Herbivore 14:26

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