Ohio Players

Ohio Players: Pleasure

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ohio Players

Title: Pleasure
Label: Westbound Records Us

(AVAILABLE NOW) This reissue includes for the first time on CD the tracks from the vaults that were on the two albums that were released by Westbound after the group had signed to Mercury. The tracks here were the ones that had been completed before the band left Westbound (others were overdubbed by members of Funkadelic and these appear on our reissue of "Ecstasy"). We also include 'Satan's Boogie,' previously only issued on our compilation "Orgasm." in depth sleeve notes and a full colour 12 page booklet.

1.1 Pleasure
1.2 Laid It
1.3 Pride and Vanity
1.4 Walt's First Trip
1.5 Varee Is Love
1.6 Walked Away from You
1.7 Paint Me
1.8 Funky Worm
1.9 Our Love Has Died
1.10 Ruffell Foot
1.11 What It Is
1.12 Rooster Poot
1.13 Gone Forever
1.14 Dimensions in Time
1.15 Introducing the Players
1.16 Satan's Boogie

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