Old Iron: Lupus Metallorum

Old Iron: Lupus Metallorum
Title: Lupus Metallorum
Label: Good to Die Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Lupus Metallorum is the sophomore album by Old Iron. From the opening riff, the precedent is set for the trio's no-frills combination of ruthless noise rock and bottom-heavy sludge. Weighty riffs and malevolent stomp tap into the same adrenaline-producing frequency as a battle cry, with guitarist/vocalist Jesse Roberts' howl summoning the same primitive visceral response as the Western Huns' harrowing call-to-arms. If Roberts and his cohorts Jerad Shealey (bass) and Trent McIntyre (drums) were merely interested in using their tactics as a study in Pavlovian conditioning, Lupus Metallorum would succeed in making us salivating over their riffs. Lupus Metallorum captures the full weight of a band whose megalithic sound had previously best been experienced live and in the flesh. First pressing includes hand screened lyrics sheet w/ bonus artwork (limited to 250)

1.1 Friday Glendale
1.2 Gravewax
1.3 Maelstrom of the Black Tempest
1.4 Bogwitch
1.5 Interlude
1.6 Lupus Metallorum
1.7 Bloody Angles
1.8 Valerian
1.9 Nightmare Tooth
1.10 Banisteriopsis Caapi

Old Iron: Lupus Metallorum

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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