Old Time Relijun

Old Time Relijun: Sirena de Pecera

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sirena de Pecera
Label: K. Records

In celebration of their recent European tour, Old Time Relijun has reworked and interpreted into Spanish, Itlaian and Portuguese three songs culled from 1999's Uterus And Fire. Along with 5 brand new songs of sorch and burn, hillbilly rage emrerge from the swamp to round out this special EP.

1.1 Casino
1.2 Carcerato Jail
1.3 Adaga Dagger
1.4 Canoe
1.5 Moon
1.6 Circuit Breaker
1.7 Caught at the Door (With the Keys in My Hand)
1.8 Urge and Urge and Urge the Always Procreant Urge of the World

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