Oliver Huntemann

Oliver Huntemann: Propaganda

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Oliver Huntemann
Title: Propaganda

Now with over 20 years of releases behind him, Oliver Huntemann finds himself on the cusp of yet a new era in his career. Propaganda is the fifth proper artist album from the Hamburg-based DJ/producer, and like each of it's predecessors, it shows a different side to one of the most consistently rewarding names in techno. Released on his own Senso Sounds label, the album exudes the level of assurance that perhaps only comes with being so active in curating and developing a label that has stood out from the masses since it's inception in 2014. With four previous artist albums, about ten mix albums and countless EPs and remixes under his belt, Oliver Huntemann is has been one of the leading figures in the techno and tech-house circuit since the late '90s and admired for his unique style and his fascinating DJ sets. Huntemann's fifth full-length album Propaganda is like it's predecessors, another step forward in the career of the producer. Here he takes full advantage of the album format. Tracks like "Taktik", "Poltergeist", "Rotlicht", or "Momentum" set the mood with crisp motorik drum programming and deep pulsating basslines, while tracks like "Malaria" create more of a freaked-out and edgy vibe. But there is also room for atmospheric and ambient, downbeat interludes like "Anonym". As a whole, Propaganda is an impressive, versatile, and multi-layered body of work laid out in a state of the art production.

1.1 A1. Taktik
1.2 A2. Poltergeist
1.3 B1. Egoist
1.4 B2. Malaria
2.1 C1. Rotlicht
1.6 Anonym
1.7 Absurd
3.1 E1. Vertigo
3.2 E2. Momentum
3.3 F1. Doppelgänger
1.11 Doppelgänger
1.12 Trick 17

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