Omar Akram

Omar Akram: Secret Journey

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Omar Akram

Artist: Omar Akram
Title: Secret Journey

SECRET JOURNEY reflects a musician in full stride, creating stride, creating compositions laced with unbridled passion and poised grace. Rooted in world themees layered in smooth jazz and new age influences, Omar's 3rd album has all the ingredients to be not only a chart topper but also a critic's darling - Michael Debbage"

1.1 Run Away with Me
1.2 Secret Journey
1.3 Nomadic Rhapsody
1.4 Passage of the Heart
1.5 Gypsy Spirit
1.6 Stargazers
1.7 Seven Secrets
1.8 Whispers in the Moonlight
1.9 Mirage
1.10 Shimmering Star
1.11 Caravan
1.12 Angel of Hope

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