One Million Dollar Band

One Million Dollar Band: Dont Beat Your Love

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Dont Beat Your Love
Label: Elend Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

One Million Dollar Band is the freakiest Swiss blues-based music duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist/producer S.J. Brunkow and drummer G. Brunkow. 194 gram vinyl, mastered and pressed in USA. Recorded in Switzerland. Inspired by Roscoe Holcomb, Robert Hicks, CeDell Davis, Herman Alexander, Jimmy Lee Williams. Originally released in 2010. "The One Million Dollar Band has no bio, maybe they are bio, but there is too much CO2 in it..." A women and a man play together the drumbeat, guitar'n'drum based on fife'n'drum music, they like to play long shows, they like to play groovy and raw. They're free to sing what they want and they don't lick somebody's ass. They are proud and try not to lie. Strange finger picking, sliding with bottleneck and butter knife, open tuned guitar where rhythm is king. Noisy, rattling, sloppy drumbeating as her best, lay carpet -like under, over and between the sound and cry dance baby dance. That's what it is, yeah and crazy laughing

1.1 Trouble in Mind
1.2 Hellhound
1.3 Don't Beat Your Love
1.4 Come Closer
1.5 Heavy Water Blues
1.6 Chickenhawk
1.7 Red Dress
1.8 Hoot Your Belly

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