Opal Hush: Remote Viewer

Opal Hush: Remote Viewer
Title: Remote Viewer
Label: Old Bear Rec Reissue
Product Type: VINYL LP

Old Bear Records is excited to announce a brand new addition to our stable of amazing artists. Ryan Anderson who goes by the name Opal Hush released a brand new album entitled "Remote Viewer". Opal Hush's music has the ability to take you down paths you never expected but at the same time feels very nostalgic and familiar. Produced by Ryan Anderson and Chris Hoisington, and recorded in the later parts of 2019 at Old Bear Studios in upstate New York.

1.1 Work In Progress
1.2 Tie Me To The Mast
1.3 Doomed Expedition
1.4 Dead Language
1.5 Birds Of Fortune
1.6 Should Have Been
1.7 Untuning The Sky
1.8 Heart Like An Anchor
1.9 Rivers
1.10 The Apple In The Dark
1.11 Pillar Of Fire
1.12 Asleep Before Sunset

Opal Hush: Remote Viewer

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