Opprobrium: Supernatural Death

Opprobrium: Supernatural Death
Title: Supernatural Death
Label: Brutal Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Supernatural Death - Reissue, 30th Anniversary Deluxe CD with 14 remastered songs + 2 bonus studio songs on digipak and also in 2 LPs Deluxe Limited Edition with 14 songs + 4 rare studio bonus tracks with a terrific crushing Re-Mastered by Brad Boatright. This creates a series of savage, primitive riffs played at rather ferocious tempos all the while being augmented by blasting drumming and rabid, snarling vocals that are dirtier and far more demonic than most true thrash bands were doing at the time, truly giving this a feel more in line with where death metal was going than in staying in league with the thrash scene at the time.

1.1 Voices from the Grave
1.2 Serpent Temptation
1.3 Blind Vengeance
1.4 Sadistic Sinner
1.5 Rigor Mortis
1.6 Cataleptic
1.7 Hell's Fire
1.8 Incubus
1.9 Assault
1.10 Death

Opprobrium: Supernatural Death

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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