Original Sins: Hardest Way

Original Sins: Hardest Way
Title: Hardest Way
Label: Mark

Reissue of the Original Sins' 1989 sophomore release with bonus tracks. A Pennsylvania foursome that melds garage-rock tradition and wall-of-noise sensibilities into an intense, powerful hybrid. Features the lysergic talents of Brother JT who has released solo records on Drag City, Siltbreeze, Thrill Jockey and more.

1.1 Heard It All Before
1.2 Now's the Time
1.3 Tearing Me in 2
1.4 Why You Love Me So
1.5 Can't Get Over You
1.6 Hardest Way
1.7 Out of My Mind
1.8 You Can't Touch Me
1.9 Don't Fit in
1.10 Rather Be Sad
1.11 I Can't Say
1.12 She Understands
1.13 Ain't No Tellin'
1.14 End of the World
1.15 Party's Over
1.16 Beast in Me
1.17 Can't Stop Dancing
1.18 Lacerations
1.19 Just 14 (And a Half)
1.20 Real Thing
1.21 I Mean It
1.22 Give Her What She Wants
1.23 All the Sweet Young Girls
1.24 World Keeps on Turning
1.25 By My Side
1.26 Little Mistakes
1.27 Drivin' Home

Original Sins: Hardest Way

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