Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman: Love & Peace

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Artist: Ornette Coleman

Artist: Ornette Coleman
Title: Love & Peace

"The wisdom of old age meets the tempestuousness of youth," wrote Der Spiegel, describing the meeting of generations in Joachim Kuhn's trio with Chris Jennings and Eric Schaefer- both are around 30 years younger than he is. And it is also an apt way to describe how both tendencies coexist in the 73-year old jazz pioneer's own playing. His gaze is directed to the future, he has the history of jazz behind him, and he never kow-tows to convention. This piano genius loves freedom and fantasy, driven by the imperative to keep discovering the new. If the Joachim Kuhn New Trio is his most recent adventure story, then "Love & Peace" is it's second chapter. "I have found a new dream team, and they inspire me in a completely new way," he says of this ensemble which formed in 2015. "Only if you live freely can you really improvise freely," says Kuhn. For several years he has been putting everything in place to ensure his own personal and creative freedom at his finca on Ibiza. With "Love & Peace" his New Trio has once again succeeded in breaking into new territory. Joachim Kuhn's potent creative will, unbridled love for music and inner peace reside at the heart of this album.

1.1 Love and Peace
1.2 Le Vieux Chateau
1.3 The Crystal Ship
1.4 Mustang
1.5 Barcelona - Wien
1.6 But Strokes of Folk
1.7 Lied Ohne Worte No. 2
1.8 Casbah Radio
1.9 Night Plans
1.10 New Pharoah
1.11 Phrasen

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