Ortiz / Ciaramella Ensemble / Pezzone: Yarlung Records - 10th Anniversary

Ortiz / Ciaramella Ensemble / Pezzone: Yarlung Records - 10th Anniversary
Title: Yarlung Records - 10th Anniversary
Label: Yarlung Records

GRAMMY® Award winning Yarlung Records celebrates it's 10th Anniversary and continues to bring fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible, engineering these albums in concert halls famous for their acoustics such as Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Yarlung uses analog tape and high resolution digital media for CDs made with special alloys, high resolution digital downloads, and 180 Gram vinyl LPs, mastered by Steve Hoffman and Bernie Grundman. The label's philosophy is to present the music like a clean window, which does not distract from the beautiful "view" on the other side. Among it's greatest successes featured on this compilation was Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina, which won the label's first GRAMMY Award and was ranked in The Absolute Sound as one of the 40 Best recordings of all time.

1.1 Recercada Ottava - Ciaramella Ensemble
1.2 Juego de Relojes/Game of Clocks - Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble
1.3 I'm Old Fashioned - Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
1.4 Scherzo - Janaki String Trio
1.5 Romanze - Nigel Armstrong/The Colburn Orchestra
1.6 Ropes of Sand - Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
1.7 Ciaccona - Petteri Livonen
1.8 J'ay Pris Amours - Ciaramella Ensemble
1.9 I. - Margaret Batjer/Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
1.10 For Sebastian - Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
1.11 Sonata for Solo Cello - Frederic Rosselet
1.12 Adagietto - Gerard Schwarz/The Colburn Orchestra
1.13 Opening - Lorraine Hunt Lieberson/Jeffrey Kaharie/Los Angeles Chamber Orch
2.1 Ombra Mai Fu - Sasha Cooke/The Colburn Orchestra
2.2 IV. - Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble
2.3 Graciela in Partite Variate - Antonio Lysy/The Capitol Ensemble
2.4 Chiaccona in Partite Variate - Jason Yoshida
2.5 Strange Fruit - Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
2.6 Chinbep Puja - the Monks of Nechung Monastery
2.7 Ballade No. 1 in G minor - Joanne Pearce Martin
2.8 Simpler Times - Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
2.9 L'eroica - Ciaramella Ensemble
2.10 III. ; IV. - Petteri Livonen/Kevin Fitz-Gerald
2.11 Watch Me Vanish, Watch Me? - Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble
2.12 Obstinate Spaces - Janaki String Trio
2.13 Nocturne in C Sharp minor - David Fung
2.14 Missing Moon - David Fung
2.15 Zamba - Antonio Lysy/Bryan Pezzone
2.16 Gone - Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet

Ortiz / Ciaramella Ensemble / Pezzone: Yarlung Records - 10th Anniversary

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