Overkill: The Grinding Wheel

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Overkill

Title: The Grinding Wheel
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

2017 release, the 18th album from the thrash metal kings. With 17 releases under their belt since 1985, Overkill is one of the most prolific thrash bands in the world with millions of albums sold world-wide. "The Grinding Wheel" will be the band's eighteenth release and their first on Nuclear Blast America. The Grinding Wheel is a record on which thrash's ultimate team of five machined parts shows up and executes to perfection... with a little punk thrown in for bad measure. But a life dedicated to metal can be a grind, hence the title of this sparks-a-flyin' record. "It just makes sense for us," reflects D.D. "If you've been making metal for almost 40 years like we have, it can be a grind. But we also liked the old school metal idea of referencing "Grinder," the Judas Priest song, which suits the album because it has classic metal parts on it as well as the thrash parts. There's a blue collar feel to that title too, and that's how we approach Overkill. The guitar case is basically a lunchbox and we go to work."

1.1 Mean, Green, Killing Machine
1.2 Goddamn Trouble
1.3 Our Finest Hour
1.4 Shine on
1.5 The Long Road
1.6 Let's All Go to Hades
1.7 Come Heavy
1.8 Red, White and Blue
1.9 The Wheel
1.10 The Grinding Wheel
1.11 Emerald

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