Oviformia Sci

Oviformia Sci: Hablamos de Nosotros

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Artist: Oviformia Sci

Artist: Oviformia Sci
Title: Hablamos de Nosotros

Their recordings were lost for years, but Elefant Records, with the invaluable help of Jesús Ordovás and the forces from beyond, was able to rescue some original reels and put together the scattered pieces to release Oviformia Sci's first album, thirty years after their disappearance. This is, without a doubt, a really special and even imperative release for our "Recuerdos Que Olvidé" collection.

1.1 Hablamos de Nosotros
1.2 Mi Teletipo
1.3 Una Nota Di Bianco
1.4 La Luna la Nuit
1.5 Fashion Magazines
1.6 Touche
1.7 Mao's Children
1.8 No Comments
1.9 Fashion Magazines (Test Vocal Mix)
1.10 Mi Teletipo (Featuring Clic)
1.11 Fashion Magazines (Instrumental)
1.12 Fotografia
1.13 Buscar Razones
1.14 Metal Plastique
1.15 Su Voz
1.16 Magazines
1.17 No Comments (Instrumental)

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