Owen: Other People's Songs

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Owen

Title: Other People's Songs
Label: Polyvinyl Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Other People's Songs is a collection of eight covers that Kinsella recorded this spring in Chicago with trusted producer Neil Strauch. At first glance, the list of the rock and punk artists whose tracks Kinsella tackled - among them Against Me!, Depeche Mode, the Promise Ring, and Lungfish - might seem at odds with the often quieter, lushly arranged music he releases under the Owen moniker. But upon closer inspection, one finds the kind of excellent songwriting and lyrical wit that are hallmarks of Kinsella's own recorded output.

1.1 Descender
1.2 Girl in a Box
1.3 Some Kinda Angel
1.4 Forget Me
2.1 Judas
2.2 Just Like Them
2.3 Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart
2.4 Under the Blanket

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