Ozzie & Harriet / Nelson, Ricky

Ozzie & Harriet / Nelson, Ricky: Ozzie & Harriet with Ricky Nelson

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Artist: Ozzie & Harriet / Nelson, Ricky
Title: Ozzie & Harriet with Ricky Nelson

In the 1950s and 1960s almost every person in the USA was familiar with Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, who, with their two sons, David and Ricky, comprised America's best known and best loved family who appeared on their weekly television show that brought entertainment to no less than twenty million families. Ozzie and Harriet started their career as singers so singing on TV was a regular feature. Son Ricky made his singing debut on his family show and became a super star. Ozzie and Harriet cut an LP in 1957 of standards (SUGARTIME, BLUE SKIES, ALL OF ME, CATCH A FALLING STAR, MANDY) first time on CD now with bonus tracks by Ricky (TRAVELIN' MAN, YOUNG WORLD, UNCHAINED MELODY, TIME AFTER TIME) making this family affair compilation a wonderful trip down memory lane for many.

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