Pink: Funhouse

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Artist: Pink

Artist: Pink
Title: Funhouse

International pressing of her 2008 album includes one bonus track: 'This Is How It Goes Down'. Pink comes right on time in 2008 with her highly anticipated and provocatively personal Funhouse album, addressing both her public and private persona, as only Pink can. Teaming once again with hitmakers Max Martin, Billy Mann, and others, Pink is poised to leave another memorable mark worldwide! Since her debut in 2000, Pink (Alecia Moore) has been widely hailed as a fearlessly talented singer, songwriter and the Pennsylvania native's genre-defying creative risk-taking has propelled her to global stardom. To date, the chanteuse has sold 22 million albums cumulatively worldwide. 13 tracks. Sony/BMG.

1.1 So What - 1st Single
1.2 Sober (Feat. Tony Kanal)
1.3 I Don't Believe You
1.4 One Foot Wrong
1.5 Please Don't Leave Me
1.6 Bad Influence
1.7 Funhouse (Feat. Tony Kanal)
1.8 Crystal Ball
1.9 Mean
1.10 It's All Your Fault
1.11 Ave Mary a
1.12 Glitter in the Air
1.13 This Is How It Goes Down (Bonus Track)

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