Paal Flaata

Paal Flaata: Songs: Trilogy Collection

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Artist: Paal Flaata

Artist: Paal Flaata
Title: Songs: Trilogy Collection

1.1 Wait By the Fire
1.2 He Sits at My Table
1.3 Angel of the Morning
1.4 I Can Make It with You
1.5 If I Stop Loving You
1.6 Sleepy Eyes
1.7 Graceland Souvenirs
1.8 Weaker Moments
1.9 You Didn't Get Here Last Night
1.10 This Darkest Day
2.1 Write a Song a Song
2.2 Remember the Good
2.3 Poison Red Berries
2.4 The Future's Not What It Used to Be
2.5 Bless Us All
2.6 Good Morning Dear
2.7 I Come to Hear the Music
2.8 Newbury's Voice
2.9 For Milton Sims
2.10 An American Trilogy
3.1 Flyin? Shoes
3.2 Our Mother the Mountain
3.3 Tower Song
3.4 Rake
3.5 Kathleen
3.6 Come Tomorrow
3.7 Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria
3.8 Where I Lead Me
3.9 Velvet Voices
3.10 Snow Don?T Fall
4.1 The Comedians
4.2 Love and Rain
4.3 For the Good Times
4.4 Hand Me Another of Those
4.5 The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
4.6 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4.7 We Had It All
4.8 It?S Only Make Believe
4.9 And I Love You So
4.10 Feel Like Going Home

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