Paderewski / Tomasik / Morawski

Paderewski / Tomasik / Morawski: All Violin & Piano Works

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Title: All Violin & Piano Works
Label: Recart

Ignacy Jan Paderewski is today commonly known as a great pianist, a statesman to whom great credit is due for Poland's regained independence, and a composer. However, Paderewski's pianistic career began in an unusual manner and relatively late. After graduating from the Warsaw Institute of Music in 1878, the famous pianist spent ten years teaching, composing and honing his pianistic skills, only giving concerts from time to time. His real career began only in 1888. Before that happened, Paderewski was involved in various forms of music-making (during his student days, he even played trombone in an orchestra). He often engaged in chamber music. Together with friends from his student days, he founded a piano trio with which he concertized all over Russia (which resulted in the overly entrepreneurial students' expulsion from the Institute). His first composition for violin and piano comes from 1878 - when Paderewski had just finished his musical studies. This work was entitled Song, and was published among other compositions dedicated to Ignacy Kraszewski for the 50th jubilee of his artistic career. It is a typical salon miniature. At that time, Paderewski wrote this type of works mainly for the piano; but in 1882, he wrote Romance for violinist Wladyslaw Górski, with whom he often concertized at the time. The present release features not only this work, but all of the composer's violin and piano pieces, performed by Slawomir Tomasik and Robert Morawski.

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