Pagan Wanderer Lu

Pagan Wanderer Lu: European Monsoon

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Artist: Pagan Wanderer Lu
Title: European Monsoon

2010 album from Welsh Electronica artist Andy Regan (AKA Pagan Wanderer Lu), his finest and most accessible collection to date. Mixing sharp political observation, wry, witty lyrics and a completely unique take on Electronic Indie-Pop, European Monsoon is a watershed release for the veteran songwriter. "I wanted it to sound fuller and more musical and to not really have that intentionally wonky/lo-fi feel that the previous stuff did," says Regan of the new polished sound.

1.1 Banish Negative Thoughts
1.2 Chemicals Like You
1.3 Crustaceans As Castanets
1.4 The Great British Public Becomes Self-Aware
1.5 God in His Wisdom and Compassion Spares the Mona Lisa from Being Engulfed By the Dying Sun
1.6 European Monsoon
1.7 Self Doubt Gun
1.8 A Girl Named Aeroplane
1.9 Westminster Quarters
1.10 Version 5
1.11 The Island

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